Meet The Coach


Hi, My name is Xavier,

At the tender age of 13, I remember telling my father “I want to be a physiologist” His reply to me was “that is too big for you!” After having my dreams crushed, I decided to pursue a career in electronic engineering and from there an extensive career in the music and entertainment industry.

Fast forward to September 11th, 2018, which signalled the next phase of my life. Whilst on Instagram I created a poll asking If you had a problem and needed to speak to someone. Would you rather speak to family and friends or a stranger? to my surprise 74% responded with a strangerfrom that moment XTLC was born.

Thirty-five years after my 13 year old self-confessed to my father, I finally got to indulge my passion and purpose for helping people into getting their mind right, by simply challenging their thoughts but not as a physiologist as a life coach.

In just two years of XTLC I have helped several hundred paying clients, as well as, thousands of Instagram followers with my FREE daily stories. I cannot help everyone but I just might be able to help you!

Having spent a lot of time developing the XTLC CBD range, I am now able to help you get your mind right in other ways.

With love and light
Xavier The Life Coach.